Drainage and Grading

Drainage and Crawlspace Remediation Encapsulation, Grading, and Erosion Control

Serving New Hanover, Lower Pender, and Eastern Brunswick County areas.

Most of us are quite familiar with the coastal environment here and the challenges in terms of getting rid of unwanted or undesirable amounts of water, either in our yards, under or against the crawl spaces and foundation walls, or just slow to be absorbed into our soils in some areas. If your home or business doesn’t drain well, or your interior living or working environment is damp, mildew or mold ridden, and your concerns for the well-being of your home or investment or you simply get tired of muddy footprints, call us.

We have experienced, certified and qualified drainage experts on staff and we provide a guarantee of satisfaction for all applications and installations that far exceeds our competitors.
We have the capabilities and resources to complete any size project. From rain gardens to complete drainage and encapsulated systems, we apply our knowledge and experience thoroughly.

We also work closely with a remediation and codes plus forensics contractor along with an environmental health consultant and testing firm, as well an licensed experienced engineers and architects to provide you with the most reliable solution to your property and home’s needs.

References available, contact us directly.

  • Drainage designing and engineering.
  • Surface and subsurface drainage.
  • Interceptor drains and applications.
  • Foundation drainage and water proofing.
  • Crawl space drainage and remediation, sump wells, and encapsulation.
  • Grading, stabilization, and erosion control.
  • Retention walls, hardscape.
  • Storm water management.