Wilmington Landscape Installations

Landscape Installation and Maintenance Services

Serving New Hanover, Lower Pender, and Eastern Brunswick County areas.

  • Full lawn and landscape leaf cleanups: Maintain your property during those peak periods throughout the year, removing fallen foliage whether from climatic changes or stormy weather. Maintaining your lawn and beds free from excessive leaf litter is important to the best management practices of cultural control toward management against pests and diseases.
  • Landscape Installations: Hardscapes and stonework; paths, patios, privacy walls to patio accents, outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas, retaining walls, water features to ponds, intermittent stream beds for drainage or accents, driveways and walkways.
  • Pools: complete installation of pools using certified, quality installers.
  • Turf installations: all types of varieties of sod available today, replacement of existing, repairing existing or a completely new lawn for a new property. Over seeding of specific varieties of turf grass. Slit seeding for warm season grasses or over winterizing rye grasses for Bermuda or bent grass lawns.
  • Trees, shrubs, ornamental and edible gardens. Available and installed throughout the year.
  • Palms, tropical, ornamentals (climate and seasonal sensitive). Available and installed during the proper time of season.
  • Landscape Beds: Install new, maintain existing, or refurbish old.
  • Playground and Features: Provide selection, purchasing and assembly of play sets along with the areas it is to be installed for. Usage of a wide selection of clean ground cover cushion products for the safety and cleanliness for your children are available.
  • Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces: Decks, arbors, trellises, pergolas, gazebos, pervious or impervious patio and seating areas for any garden or landscape.
  • Floriculture: Perennials and annual beds, planters, baskets, container gardens and raises planter box gardens.
  • Mulching: Using a wide variety of materials available on the market today. Hardwood bark mulches dyed or colored products, pine straw, decorative stone and aggregates. Delivery of products to individuals that just enjoy the time doing outside chores for themselves.
  • Pruning Services: Seasonally, monthly, yearly or when your variety of shrub, tree, palms, roses or other ornaments need it at the proper time of the year. We customize the care and proper techniques for each landscape year round.
  • Integrated and Pest Management Programs: From soil to its management, fertilization to pest control preventions or suppression, we provide the best programs to fit you and your landscapes care. We practice and provide all cultural or mechanical solutions and maintenance practices and maintain all state and federal requirements. We place attention to the health of the environment and its people using the best products and techniques available to our clients using a certified licensed and trained staff.
  • Weed Control: Utilizing both cultural and mechanical methods thru best management practices.
  • For taller and more established trees we offer all pruning services such as complete removal and stump grinding, crown thinning, crown raising or reduction, deadwood removal, diseased and constrictive branch removal, root pruning, and vertimulching, pest and disease management (curative and preventative services) and general fertilization or deep root injection fertilization.
  • Palms and Tropicals: We offer complete management for our areas sensitive tropicals and palms. Palms and Tropicals have specific care and maintenance requirements and suffer at times from deficiencies in our local/coastal soil structures along with damaging or stressful inclement cold seasons or improper planting practices, which can subject them to a vast amount of stresses in our landscapes. Palms require specially formulated fertilizers and nutrients that pertain to very specific conditions they may exhibit over time.
  • Rose Gardens, perennials and annual care: Diverse regular care and management of your flowering gardens and landscape, we provide everything you could expect for the best from your gardens, planters, or displays.
  • Complete home property management (other services): We provide all facets for maintaining your home giving you the security and knowledge when you are not there, whether for a short trip or a seasonal retreat, your property is taken care of. From housekeeping to security checks, arranging and supervision of repairmen or pest control providers, adjustment of thermostats or setting up repairs, to even taking out the trash and taking care of the paper or mail.

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