We appreciate your interest in Outdoor Creations Landscaping. Please read the following testimonials from some of our current customers in Wilmington and New Hanover County. We hope you find the feedback helpful in your decision to choose our company for your landscaping needs. Please contact Outdoor Creations to schedule an estimate today.

Outdoor Creations is bringing my yard back from the dead and they are doing a wonderful job, fixing things I didn’t even know were wrong and doing an excellent job on all of it – the yard, the woodwork and the brick paths. I am delighted. Where I fail to have ideas or knowledge about promising plant combinations, Ray does have them. This has been an effortless and hassle free experience compared to what I have experienced with two other local companies.

B. Horne
Wilmington, N.C.

Extensive landscaping and drainage correction issues were expertly analyzed, cost projections submitted and work completed was very satisfactory. The work ethic of the company was the best we have seen in the 14 years we have lived in the area. We have recommended the company to friends and would recommend them to anyone needing landscaping work, including flag stone sand paver work. You get what you pay for.

D. Peacock

We hired Outdoor Creations to help us with our lawn and to give us ideas on landscape designs. They were very helpful and honest about our ideas and pointed us in the right directions.

M. Raxter

Outdoor Creations provides the full array of services to maintain my grass and plants with the proper care required. They provide full details of the soil conditions and preform the proper treatment as needed. We always work from a detailed estimate outlining the cost of each item. The owner, Ray Bray, is extremely dependable and always calls when he sees something out of line. I do recommend his company to others on a regular basis.

R. & L. Stewart                                                                                                                                            

Outdoor Creations provides top notch service and the utmost attention to detail. I would recommend them if you want the best looking yard on the street for sure. I don’t think there is anyone more knowledgeable in the science behind creating and maintaining a healthy yard and landscape.

B. Smith                                                                                                                                                        

“Outdoor Creations has made my landscaping beautiful! I unfortunately had negative experiences with both a landscape architect and a lawn service when I moved into my new house in 2012. With Ray and Outdoor Creations, they do it all. So now I have one company maintaining my lawn, irrigation, as well as the trees, bushes etc. Coming from the Northeast, gardening is very different. Outdoor Creations has given me an education on how to garden here in the South. They’ve identified and fixed problems with my drainage that I knew I had, I just didn’t know there was a way to fix them. You may pay a bit more than the other companies. But if you want it done right the first time, I’d recommend Outdoor Creations”.

K. Greco                                                                                                                                                        

I have never dealt with anyone in landscaping and servicing business like you, i.e. you are so organized and more…I think one man already wrote such a similar experience (the bullet points) to what we had, and expressed how I feel about how you plan for the present, correct drainage and such problems, find the good people who are able to perform the services that you do not yourself provide, such as painting or sanding/painting railings; and you know your plan in your minds’ eye! Also choice of plantings and your ability to work with mine was great, actually perfect. I love the feel of the cobblestone paths and courtyard when walking around the house barefoot, and have a constant sense of care and lack of concern about what I need to be doing and when. Thanks for all of your attention and time, we really do appreciate your work, time, and patience involved in such projects as ours’ and we enjoy it daily.

Debbie S.
Wilmington, NC

Thanks to all of you and your expertise that made the Rotary Wheel Garden, Work on Wilmington such a huge success!
Our community is as great as it is-because of people and organizations like yours!

K. Stoute
Wilmington, NC

Sally and I want to thank you and your staff for four years of dedicated work in skillfully bringing our property back from unmitigated landscape disaster to its present status as the best in the neighborhood. As I told you when we first meet in June 2008, I had hired and fired at least half a dozen yard care people who promised a lot and produce nothing.

Your company has been there for us though good times and not so good and delivered consistent services and consultation throughout each season of the year promptly with outstanding results. We have never had a problem reaching you.

C. Hauge
Wilmington, NC

Just under two years ago, in spite of my best efforts, I was faced with a landscape of overgrown azalea beds badly infiltrated by weeds.

Clearly, I needed professional help. After enduring two landscaping firms that missed appointments, two who kept the first appointment but never returned our calls and finally two landscapers who admitted that truthfully my yard was beyond their capability, I met Ray Bray of Outdoor Creations.
Over the ensuing Spring and Summer, Ray and his helpers managed to regain control of my yard in a step by step approach. The azaleas were aggressively pruned as they had needed, the weeds eradicated and the grass turned green.

In need of a pool replacement, I turned to Ray and his landscape designers at Outdoor Creations for ideas. Incorporating my general ideas into a design utilizing plants that thrive in Southeastern North Carolina, Ray presented Jana and I with a comprehensive landscaping plan anchored by a redesigned pool accentuated by a unique rock formation waterfall.

The work started a year ago November.

The results have been nothing short of spectacular. From last Spring forward, our yard became a cascade of color as every week new blooms and blossoms and flowers would literally burst onto the landscape. This Spring the kaleidoscope of color has been even more incredulous as the plants have matured–all the time with proper nourishment under the watchful eye of Ray and his crew.

I can honestly state that Jana and I have never enjoyed the beauty of our home and its landscape more than this past two years–I, in particular, have enjoyed the beauty without feeling overwhelmed by the yardwork. It has been a blessing for me to witness the pure joy Jana has experienced as our ideas and Ray’s plans have unfolded.

For reliability, creativity, expertise, experience and most importantly results, I would, without reservation, recommend Ray Bray and Outdoor Creations for your landscaping needs.

J. Kesler
Wilmington, NC

Ray!  You and your team are unbelievable!  I always knew that but what you did for us Sunday was so beyond the call of service!  Chip and I spent all day Sunday at the beach putting back everything we had moved and cleaning up outside.  We came home exhausted and pulled into our driveway, blinking to make sure it was real!  What a wonderful surprise!  The yard was spit-spot clean and it looked like we were having a party.  I can’t thank you enough and all of your wonderful team who showed up to make it all happen.

Thank you too for boarding our son’s house.  I am the queen of over-kill when it comes to weather but I will never have regrets for being prepared!  That was an icky job and not necessarily in your wheelhouse.  I do truly appreciate your help.

Thank you again, Ray.

P. Mahan
Wilmington, NC


[Our property] already looks better than it has ever looked in the 7 years we have owned it.  Opening it up with lawn was a capital idea, and we appreciate the detail.    Many thanks.

Also, please thank your crew for all their hard work.

C. Sewell
Wilmington, NC

Hi Ray:

Just wanted to ask that you thank your crew effusively for all their hard work on Wednesday before T’giving.  I honestly did not expect them to come by;  it was cold and drizzling all day.  Thought I would get out the blower and clean the front walk off, and forget about it.  They showed up and worked diligently in the rain.  The yard looked great, and our holiday guests were all very impressed.  Garden tours were given!  We are so pleased to find a company that goes above and beyond.

Thanks to all of your crew for a fabulous job.

G. Anderson
Wilmington, NC

Dear Ray and the Outdoor Creations Team,

Thank you for creating a new landscape at my beach house with one that is more attuned with coastal flavor and elements. You listened to my concerns and ideas, made some great suggestions and followed up with prompt detailed proposal outlining the scope of work. You also kept me informed weekly of the progress and finished the job right on schedule. The end result was a new landscape tha far exceeded my expectations. As you know, since the end of that project, we have had you pressure wash the driveway, deck and and outdoor furniture which was all done very much to my satisfaction.

With great pleasure, I have already referred your name to another family member and we are discussing some of my other landscaping needs. Not only do I feel I have gained a fantastic landscaper but a friend!

I look forward to us accomplishing many more projects to come!

B. Kidd
Wrightsville Beach, NC

Dear Ray and the Outdoor Creations team,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks for all that you have done for us. When we found out that we won the 2008 WECT Backyard Makeover contest, we were thrilled by the idea that our backyard would be turned into a place where we would enjoy spending time. Almost immediately, we began to dream about what it would look like once the work was done. As it turned out, the final result far exceeded our expectations, and we could have never dreamed up a yard that looks as good as our does now, thanks to you. You transformed an average looking space into something that we could be proud of. Most importantly, our new yard has not only drastically improved the appearance of our home, but it has changed the way we spend our time. Every chance we get we are in our yard cooking out, laying in the sun, talking, reading, or playing with the dogs.

One of the things that we enjoyed the most was working with and getting to know you and your staff. We really appreciated your attention to detail, and how your design was tailored to fit our lifestyle and the things that were important to us. Everyone on your team was very friendly, courteous, and professional, which made the project even more of a fun experience. We could never thank you enough for your hard work and generosity, but greatly look forward to working with you for years to come.

A. Kaus
Wilmington, NC Winners
WECT’s Carolina in the Morning Backyard Makeover Contest

We own a part-time residence at Magnolia Greens Golfing Plantation. We had a Wilmington lawn service that did not meet our needs. Our lawn, trees and shrubs were in sad shape. We decided to switch to a different service.

We contacted Outdoor Creations Landscape and Design, Inc. Ray came to our home and did a complete inspection. He pointed out trees and shrubs that needed trimming, pest control and fertilizing. He re-designed our island to give shrubs more breathing room. The lawn needed desperate TLC.

Outdoor Creations has turned our yard into something we are now proud of. The lawn is lush and green. The shrubs and trees are neat and producing beautiful foliage. The yard is always groomed and clean when they have completed their work. Outdoor Creations continues to perform above and beyond our expectations.

Two very satisfied and grateful customers,

D. MacDonald
Wilmington, NC

We had our landscaping done by Raymond Bray of Outdoor Creations while we were still living in New Jersey. At the beginning, Ray sat down with us and worked out a detailed plan that would best suit our lot. When we finally came down to North Carolina, we saw that our barren lot had been transformed into a lush landscape. Throughout the entire process, Ray showed his professional expertise and personal concern. We had had a problem with the percentage of available impervious area on our lot and Ray, before anyone had thought of it, introduced us to pervious concrete – a wonderful innovation for this area. It’s been almost three years now and Ray is still only a phone call away if we have any questions or concerns. We would definitely recommend Raymond Bray and Outdoor Creations to anyone.

K. Mukoda
Bolivia, NC

We have dealt with many landscape and lawn maintenance companies, but none have approached your level of professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine concern that you have satisfied your customer.

Your calls after the crew has completed maintenance to make sure we are pleased with the results and your calls to schedule major tasks like seasonal clean-up, mulching, and pruning are all much appreciated.

Your one-shop approach, i.e. your ability to handle all of our outdoor needs like pruning of shrubs (and even roses), tree maintenance, lawn care including fertilization only after soil testing, as well as the regular mowing and blowing tasks, has made it very easy to satisfy all our outdoor requirements with Outdoor Creations personnel. We are most comfortable in recommending your company and thank you again for such a fine performance!

P. Berg
Wilmington, NC

From the beginning, I have been impressed by Outdoor Creations attention to detail and personal service. They take pride and ownership in each lawn and garden they service. My appreciation was multiplied, however, when Ray came by before the hurricane winds had completely died down to check on us and get “‘his” lawns prioritized for debris removal and repair. That is commitment with a capital C.

R. Harper
Wilmington, NC 

Outdoor Creations has been providing lawn and landscape services for our home since February 2004. We have found Ray to be more knowledgeable than anyone we have ever used in this business. Our yard is like one you would see in Southern Living magazine.

B. Thomas
Wilmington, NC

It’s so nice to come home from work and see a well-manicured, freshly cut lawn. Outdoor Creations takes care of the details so I don’t have to. They give me time to enjoy so many other things I’d rather do.

G. Guard
Wilmington, NC

After we completed our home in the Spring of 2003, we interviewed numerous landscapers for the maintenance of our property. At the conclusion of an extensive process, we selected Outdoor Creations because of the variety of services and skills they offered.

During the past three years they have provided outstanding service. The work they have performed for us has included the following:

– Cutting, treating, and fertilizing our lawn
– Weeding and treating flower beds
– Removing leaves and other debris
– Procuring and planting numerous items
– Cleaning leaves from gutters
– Trimming shrubs and the lower portions of trees
– Installing stone walkway
– Irrigation repairs and correction of drainage problems
– Landscape design capability
– Provides advice on potential landscape problems

In addition to the above, Mr. Bray has the capability of identifying subcontractors for work he does not perform. An example of this was the removal of a tree that died because of the original construction. His crew is very polite and responsive to our needs. They have also provided services during emergency situations – example hurricane cleanup.

We are very pleased with the services provided by Outdoor Creations and recommend them as a landscape service provider.

J. Matthews
Wilmington, NC

Ray – maybe next year I should consider the Azalea Festival! You have really shown off your wonderful talent. I can’t thank you enough. I am grateful for all you do.

D. Baker
Wilmington, NC

Ray – Thanks so much for jumping in to help me after the hurricane. With my concussion being so bad, I could not have cleaned up the yard by myself. Thanks so much for your kindness during this time. I know you and the OC crew were swamped.

C. Angel
Wilmington, NC

As we give thought to the blessings of this year, David and I are thankful to have been the recipients of your landscaping talents. You truly are an artist! We all know that an artist can see things that are not yet created except in the mind and that’s what makes your work so special. You have such great ideas, such vision and your passion for excellence is what sets you apart from the rest. You’re the Best!.

K & D
Wilmington, NC

I understand that you cleaned up the landscape yesterday. It has taken me 37 years to educate Marsha on how a landscape should look, and now, all that is erased….She says the yard has never looked so good. I doubt she will stop talking about how good everything looks.

Bruce Williams 
Wilmington, NC

Ray and Crew,

Two years ago, I relocated to Leland from the Rochester, New York area and it was apparent to me that I needed help with the local growing conditions in North Carolina. I contacted Outdoor Creations in the spring of 2012 to evaluate my yard, design a patio/planter area and develop a backyard landscape plan that would include trees for shade. My initial contact with Ray convinced me I had found a landscaper I could work with to implement a landscape design as well as maintain my property in the future with an ongoing maintenance plan that would ensure the health of the landscape.

As I talked with Ray Bray about what I wanted, he designed a patio area with planters that are complete with irrigation. Ray’s attention to detail created an outdoor living space that is spectacular. The lawn in my backyard was stressed, had a lot of weeds and I was ready to have several landscape plants replaced as they did not seem to be doing well. Ray convinced me that these plantings could be revived with soil amendments and proper hand pruning. What a difference!
I found that I could count on Ray and his crew to show up as scheduled to complete all work in a professional manner. My front and back yards are now lush/green and have never looked better.

Leland, NC

Mr. Ray,

Just a note to let you know your drainage expertise has paid off very well in the current deluge – the concerns of the past are indeed past, and your hard work has proved an excellent solution. This is why I hired the best of the best, the creme de la creme!

B. Thuersam 
Wilmington, NC

“Ray came highly recommended, and has definitely proven why. Given short notice and a major overhaul of my residential front and back yards (on a budget), Ray had his crew on the job immediately and consistently until the initial overhaul was done. His continued attention to the maintenance, his expertise and knowledge of all things soil and plants, and his willingness to go above and beyond are highly impressive. And, just as important, Ray always treats us as if we are his only clients. Our yards are completely renewed and we love hearing such positive comments from the neighbors. We’ll continue using Ray and highly recommend him for anyone looking for a simple landscaping job to anyone needing an expert arborist to come in and do soil testing, plant recommendations, etc.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

J. Harris 
Wilmington, NC

Outdoor Creations, aka Ray and Andi Bray, saved my yard! The Centipede grass looked beyond repair and a backyard natural area had really gotten out of hand. At our consultation in May ’16, Ray assured me after a soil analysis they could bring it back, and they certainly delivered. Over the next 6 months, they aerated, de-thatched, and applied the proper nutrients to our front lawn and it looks amazing. It is so thick and lush, on Halloween, the parents of my trick-or-treaters even commented on it! They switched the pine straw in the beds to chocolate mulch and trimmed all of the vegetation. In our back yard, Ray oversaw the removal of 26 long leaf pine trees, installation of sod and various trees and shrubbery, stone pavers and a 10 ft property divider, thus completing the restoration of our back yard.

Besides Ray’s extensive horticultural knowledge, he is a true professional. He had taken plenty of before/pictures to document our progress. So when the backyard neighbor (different neighborhood, long history) became embarrassingly unpleasant, thinking the drainage ditch easement (both sides!) was part of their property and threatening us with…everything!!! Ray handled it like a true professional! He calmly explained the legalities of property ownership and county drainage ditch maintenance rules AND after said neighbor pulled up the property stakes during the night, Ray was able to get someone to re-survey it the next day and work continued on! We now have twice the yard and thanks to the 10ft divider, no longer have to deal with our neighbors. We have also contracted with Outdoor Creations for ongoing yard maintenance, including regular mowing, trimming, fertilizing.

B. & T. West
Wilmington, NC