Turf Maintenance and Management

Serving New Hanover, Lower Pender, and Eastern Brunswick County areas.

  • Complete lawn mowing, trimming and edging performed weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasionally. We customize the service to fit your needs.
  • Fire ant control. We provide a guaranteed, year long service that protects you and your family when you’re in your yard. One treatment effectively controls fire ants that infest your yard and prevents new colonies from being established. Our product provides superb control even for those areas under your hard to reach patio, driveway and hard surfaces, trees and shrubs, and root flares where they reside almost eight feet deep below the surface and hard to reach areas. This product is slow reacting and with 4-6 weeks before complete control, destroying the queen herself. You will have a fire ant free yard to enjoy safe from the dangers these pests can cause.
  • Integrated or best management pest control: a complete management program providing you with monitoring for the conditions and control of pests and diseases. Whether cultural or mechanical, we’ll assist you with determining the best approach to it’s’ care and management for a healthy, vibrant, and problem free environment for you to enjoy.
  • Core aeration thatching: With each type of lawn, these services are always recommended to assist with cultural practices of turf management, water conservation and to assist with a healthy, thick, weed and disease free lawn.
  • Weed Control: Utilizing both, cultural or mechanical methods applied through best management and integrated pest management practices.
  • Turf Consultation Services and Trouble Shooting: We can provide you with the answers you may need to be able to maintain your own lawn and landscape.

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